ABOUT US – Motus Dynamic


Motus was founded by a group of enthusiasts with years of design and manufacturing experience, believing that hard-working exercise can become a joy and bring traditional gym equipment into the next concept.

We are a group of enthusiasts, inspired by traditional hula-hoop and we believe in making the best hula hoop—one that takes up less space, requires fewer skills, and provides higher workout  efficiency compared to traditional hula hoop exercise. As a result, Motus Orbit+ is born for that purpose.  We have carefully studied and researched the mechanism. A systematic approach has been taken to design the product to be more effective compared to traditional hula-hoop, while providing the best experience which can turn hard-working exercise into a joy.

We believe quality is one of the keys for a successful product; therefore, we carefully monitor each step of the manufacturing process to ensure quality is delivered to our customer. Thanks to our engineering team with years of manufacturing experience. We select the best materials available and deliver products that will meet our customers’ expectations and final satisfaction.